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Josera Family Plus Dog food 15kg


Josera Family Plus on spetsiaalne täistoit tiinetele -, imetavatele koertele ja kutsikatele 

Delicious full food for expectant mothers and puppies. This recipe meets all special requirements during pregnancy and lactation. At the same time, it gives the puppy in the womb or suckling milk all the necessary nutrients. Later, the food can be softened JOSERA in the milk replacer for puppies or in water, it helps puppies switch from milk to solid food. 

  • Contains enough energy and protein for pregnant and lactating dogs  
  • Tauriin ja antioksüdandid toetavad viljakust ja paljunemisorganite tööd 
  • Fatty acids from salmon support the brain development of puppies. 
  • Soaked pellet for training puppies on solid food  
  • Gluten-free recipe  
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Josera FamilyPlus
Packaging: 15 kg 

Due to the L-carnitine and high energy content, this complete food is especially suitable for female dogs during pregnancy and lactation. Valuable nutrients support the development of the puppy in the womb or through breast milk.


Optimal time
The valuable fatty acids in salmon support brain development. L-Carnitine and high quality proteins stimulate the development of strong muscles. Taurine and L-carnitine are important for the heart. 


Soaked granules
The granules are particularly small and can also be soaked to make the transition to solid food easier.  


Composition: poultry meal; rice; whole corn; poultry fat; dried salmon 6.0%; sugar beet fiber; hydrolysed avian protein; vegetable fibers; minerals; chicory flour (natural source of inulin).€Æ 

** Lactating dog: If necessary, an unlimited amount of food can be made available to the dog. The needs of a female dog depend on the number of puppies and the amount of milk secreted.
Pregnant dog: The feeding requirements of the dog during the last trimester of pregnancy depend on the size of the breed and the number of puppies. To avoid possible difficulties in calving and breastfeeding, feeding the dog at all costs should be avoided. 


Analüütilised koostisosad: valgud: 30.0%, rasvasisaldus: 22.0%, toortuhk: 6.2%, toorkiudained: 2.5%, kaltsium 1.35%, fosfor 0.95% 

Metabolic energy: 17.4 MJ / kg. 4159 kcal / kg 


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 750x420x150mm



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