Inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers

On March 01, 2021, the Fire Safety Act entered into force, which tightened the requirements for the inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

The company performing the inspection and maintenance of the fire extinguisher must submit an economic activity report to the Register of Economic Activities (MTR) together with the appointment of the responsible person. The specialist in charge must have professional training and at least three years' experience in the field of inspection and maintenance of the fire extinguisher. The responsible person must have a contractual relationship with the company in order to ensure compliance with the requirements provided for in the Fire Safety Act and legislation established on the basis thereof.

The responsible specialist at Ferex OÜ is:
Jaak Mägi
Telephone +372 504 5113

Ferex OÜ activity license no FKH000437

Checking and checking the fire extinguisher

The fire extinguisher must be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that it is serviceable and in working order.

Ferex OÜ performs inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers in the Alve store in Pärnu. Did you know that fire extinguishers need to be tested at regular intervals to check their reliability.
We check fire extinguishers based on the manufacturer's maintenance instructions, the standard of the Republic of Estonia EVS 933: 2017 and the corresponding regulation of the Minister of the Interior.
The control period for the fire extinguisher is as follows:

- Fire extinguishers located in the car, vehicle or outdoors (places where exposure to vibration, temperature fluctuations or humidity may occur)
2 YEARS - Fire extinguishers located indoors

The following operations are performed during the inspection of the fire extinguisher:

  • checking the legibility of the label and updating the label if necessary
  • visual inspection of the trigger, valve and seal
  • checking the operation of the pressure gauge or measuring the pressure
  • in the case of a carbon dioxide extinguisher, the checkweighing of the fire extinguisher
  • in the case of a powder extinguisher, checking the flowability of the extinguishing powder
  • hose inspection
  • external observation of the body
  • checking the compliance of the fire extinguisher with the requirements

If the fire extinguisher passes the inspection, a corresponding inspection sticker shall be affixed to it stating the date of the next inspection. If it is found that the fire extinguisher submitted for regular inspection needs maintenance in addition to the usual inspection or has other defects, we will inform the customer and, with his or her consent, the necessary maintenance work will be performed on the fire extinguisher.


Fire extinguisher maintenance

  • Extinguisher maintenance is a set of operations performed on a fire extinguisher that extends the life of the extinguisher. During maintenance, the components of the fire extinguisher shall be replaced and tests shall be carried out to determine its user safety.
  • The fire extinguisher must be serviced after each use and if the results of the inspection so require, but not less frequently than specified by the manufacturer. The maximum maintenance period for a fire extinguisher is 5 years for foam and water extinguishers and 10 years for powder and carbon dioxide extinguishers:
    • internal inspection of the body of the fire extinguisher
    • screening or replacing fire-fighting powder
    • checking the tightness of the fire extinguisher body or pressure cartridge
    • if necessary, a test of the pressure test of the fire extinguisher body and / or the pressure cartridge
    • other tests if necessary
    • providing a label on the body and / or pressure cartridge of the fire extinguisher
    • equipping the fire extinguisher with a seal, maintenance and inspection tag


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