The weather is already cool and the rooms are also cold. You should already have your own fuel ready for the winter. There are many different ways to heat, one of which is wood briquettes.
Wood briquettes are becoming increasingly popular for heating. Why is it so popular and why should you choose wood briquettes this season?
You can find the answers to all your questions here.

"Wood briquettes can break the oven"

This is the most popular prejudice that is immediately associated with wood briquettes. When heated properly, nothing happens to the oven and positive things why switch to wood briquette heating more than enough.

Wood briquettes are suitable for heating with all ovens, but they must not be heated too intensively.
When heating with briquettes, it should not be placed in the oven too much. The calorific value of the briquette is at least 3 times higher than that of firewood, so 3-4 times less briquettes should be placed in the oven than you have put in the wood before.

Heating with briquettes releases less soot and ash. As a result, the oven does not have to be cleaned of ash as often as with disabled heating.

It may seem difficult to light a wood briquette at first, but after a few times you will receive tips to help you light it.
Ignition tablets are the best aid for ignition. You can also start by lighting a few pieces of wood and placing a briquette on top of them. Wood briquettes need a lot of air space at the time of ignition, even the air hatch can be completely opened. Later, if the briquette is already burning, it is no longer worth letting it in, then the briquette burns more slowly and gives off heat for longer.

When making a fire in an open fireplace, briquettes are a safer choice than firewood, as firewood can contain resin and air bubbles that cause the fire to crack or spark. Sparks can escape from the heater and ignite nearby objects. The wood briquette does not crack or spark.

On winter evenings, sitting in front of the fireplace and enjoying the wood briquette is not the choice you want, because the briquette burns quietly and boringly and does not create the right mood.

Light wood briquette

Choose light or dark wood briquettes?

Light briquettes is much more popular with people than dark. However, their main difference is that darker briquettes contain heat-treated wood sawdust, including island wood with a particularly high calorific value. Thus, a darker briquette has a higher calorific value.

What is the difference between round briquettes and on a square briquette?

The round briquette is not as strongly compressed as the square, which makes it easy to ignite the round briquette and burns it with a larger flame. This is good for heating the oven, which needs to be heated up quickly.
The square briquette is more tightly compressed, harder to ignite, but has a hot heat and burns longer. Square briquettes are also more compact to store.

The heating season is about to begin!

Give wood briquettes a chance this season and see if it makes your life easier, because many people who have tried heating with briquettes once don't think about going back to firewood, because heating with briquettes makes life much more comfortable.