Icicle-shaped LED curtain 100LED 5 × 0,6m Golden Artus pro


Pro Series Icicle-shaped LED curtain is ideal for decorating house facades, balcony railings or roof edges.

The rubber-coated cable makes the light chain particularly high-quality and long-lasting. The delight of the eyes will continue for many years.

Up to 20 sets of light chains can be connected to each other, ie up to 100 meters of decorations


Pro Series Icicle-shaped LED curtain


Length 5m, strip height max 0,65m

Continuable up to 20 sets = 100m decorations

Light color: Gold

Rubber coated black cable

Long service life up to 100 h

When one light goes out, all the others stay lit.

Moisture resistance IP44.

Also suitable for outdoor use.

Additional information

Weight 1.33 kg
Dimensions 225x110x185mm


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