No one wants to get cups or socks for Christmas anymore. We all expect something interesting and practical from the gift package. Here are some practical gift ideas you could give to your loved ones.

Every person can find something for themselves in the Alve store.

Our product range is very wide. Here you will find a gift for the child as well as the grandfather.

For grandparents

If your grandparents live in a house, give them gifts, for example soot gas sensor. Carbon monoxide can be life-threatening.

The soot gas sensor has been mandatory in all homes with fireplaces since the new year, and they may not have been aware of it.

Also, be cute and help them put it in the right place, because the sensor on the cabinet is of no use.

And if you're already in the village this Christmas, check it out smoke detectors, because they have a fixed period of validity, they may have already expired.

For kids

For children, you will find a large selection of different wooden vehicles in our product range.

The selection is large, for example trucks, forestry machinery ja airplanes.

Wooden toys are high quality and durable.

They are made of high quality wood and have a rough surface.

In addition to the machine, colors can be added to the gift bag, with which the child can paint the vehicle as he or she likes. Even the most common gouache colors are suitable for this.

Toy fire truck made of wood

For mother, aunt or girlfriend

Most women like beautiful things. You can also find beautiful things to decorate your home from our product range.

For example, there are cute ones battery-operated fireplaces, which definitely doesn't just have to be out at Christmas. Fireplaces provide coziness for dark evenings.

There is still a beautiful gift Led light candlesthat look like a real candle from a distance. These candles are covered with real candle wax and the flame flickers. In addition, they are safe and nothing happens if you leave the candles on for a long time.

Small fireplace with batteries

To father, grandfather, husband

Fathers or grandfathers can always repair or build everything. During the work may tools also break or disappear.

Find out from your father that maybe he is missing some of the tools he wants for Christmas.

Or if your loved one doesn't have a large collection of tools yet, you can find many different sets of tools in the Alve store. For example cartridge wrench set, Set of wrenches or a set of screwdrivers with many bits.

Every man needs these kits from time to time and it would be convenient if he had everything he needed.

Socket wrench set 40 parts 1/4


These were just some of the practical gift ideas you can get from the Alve store.

Come visit with your loved one our store in Pärnu and choose a practical gift or look around us e-shop, maybe there's something else you might need near you.